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Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone! I’m Ms. Soup and this is my blog. I’m sure you’d like to know a little bit about me, so here it goes… I’m 23 years old and a bit of a scatterbrain, though I’m going to try to…put some restraint… on that part of my personality. My honey and I are currently living with my disabled mother, our dog, Stryker (A.K.A. Ninja Soup, also, Ninja Puppy) and homeschooling the youngest soup, my brother. I was attending school for a double major, but that is unfortunately on hold for the moment due to finances.

We’re an interesting family to say the least. My mother is a bit of a neat freak (at least compared to everyone else in the household), while the rest of us are all what I’d like to affectionately call…um, slobs? Unfortunately, due to my mom’s medical problems, and my brother’s pure refusal to help whatsoever, except when he wants to, Mr. Soup and I are the ones who end up doing the cleaning. Not such a great idea.

I’ve spent practically my entire life ‘trying’ to clean. Meaning… If you’re anything like me, then you’ve probably already guessed it.

Yes, I’ve spent most of my life cleaning in what I call ‘spurts’. I’d read about, or watch, etc, something inspiring, someone who transformed their house into a showcase overnight…from grunge to sparkling in minutes…whatever, you get the picture, right?

Well, I’d be greatly motivated to do the same and to turn my ‘organized mess’ (A.K.A. Disaster, also, ‘What ____ [Freak weather condition, tornado, hurricane, etc.] blew through here?) into a sparkling, pristine home, room, garden, etc. Uh, yeah…I’m sure you can figure out what happens next usually.

I’d get all riled up and raring to go… and nothing would get done, or… if something did manage to get done, besides making an even bigger mess by pulling everything out, and then having to excavate my bed…Well, it just didn’t stay that way. I’d make a commitment for it to do so. I’d promise that I was going to keep it clean this time. And then I’d unbury my head from the sand a couple of months weeks later, and realize that I’m back exactly where I started, or it’s even worse.

I’d like to change this pattern of mine. And that’s my goal with starting this blog. Everyone has to have a goal and somewhere to start, right? At least that’s what all of the books I’ve been reading lately say. Ugh… Somehow or another, I think this is going to be a long process.

Ms. Soup

P.S. The motivation for me beginning this blog is Nony the Slob. She can be found at A Slob Comes Clean. She’s a reformed slob in progress and my inspiration…both for this blog, and hope for the future. If she can do it, so can I.