About Us

Ms. Soup
The Author of this Blog
I’m 23 years old and a bit of a scatterbrain, though I’m going to try to…put some restraint… on that part of my personality. My honey and I are currently living with my disabled mother, our dog, Stryker (A.K.A. Ninja Soup, also, Ninja Puppy) and homeschooling the youngest soup, my brother. I was attending school for a double major, but that is unfortunately on hold for the moment due to finances.

Mr. Soup
The Patient Sweetheart

My incredibly patient hubby who loves me dearly. Depending on how you look at it, it may be a good or a bad thing that we are very much alike. We’re both really enjoy video games and aren’t the best at keeping things clean and organized. He’d like to go back to school, but never seems to get around to it. He was laid off a little over a year ago and is currently looking for a position. Until then, he helps me around the house.

Mama Soup
The Neat One

She’s the one that helps to keep us on task as she can’t abide a dirty, cluttered house, but is unable to do it herself most of the time due to medical problems. Thankfully, she’s very patient with our short comings and hasn’t suddenly decided she can do without us and our mess. We’re trying, and she knows that.

Little Soup
The Spoiled Brat

I’m afraid that I don’t know what else to call him. he’s incredibly spoiled as my mom is unable to discipline him and refuses to allow us to do it. We’re currently homeschooling him. Sometimes it goes really well and other times…uh, not so much.

The Ninja Puppy

Yes, there is a reason for the subtitle. He’s certainly a ninja as he can jump gates almost as tall as Mr. Soup and sneak through doors with no one the wiser. He’s also managed to get stuffed animals to chew on out of a zipped suitcase…which was still zipped when we went to figure out how he had gotten a hold of it. (We never did figure it out.) Give him a new toy or bone? It’s usually gone in only a few hours. The only sign left being small pieces of cloth or a shard of bone or two, never to be seen from again. Hence, he’s our ninja puppy. He’s an overly-friendly pit bull mix, though he is getting a bit ill-mannered when it comes to jumping on people due to over exuberance. Overall, he’s a very affectionate and lovable dog.
This is our family, an eccentric, unique, and interesting family, but a family nonetheless. I hop that you enjoy following our adventures on out path to a clean and organized life.

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