This post is a little late, and by a little, I mean a lot! It isn’t even for today! It’s for Sunday and Monday. Yes, a two day post.

On Sunday, I finished all my tasks, except that I forgot to vacuum my mom’s room and our room was un-vacuuamble  (Is that even a word…?) at the time. So I figured that I’d get to it later. (Btw, Mr. Soup also completed all of his tasks for the day)

By the next day, Monday, I still hadn’t gotten to the vacuuming. And I just didn’t want to do ANYTHING!

I literally procrastinated practically the whole day away. I threw out every excuse in the book not to do anything at all, tosomeway justify doing absolutely nothing the entire day, and I almost succeeded. Around 4ish, I found myself reading some of Nony’s posts and I just had to get up. If she could do so much, what right did I have to quite just because I didn’t feel like doing anything. So I did it. I got up and almost all of my tasks for the day, except for three.

The three tasks (Or four depending on how you look at it):

I didn’t get any paperwork done because I can’t find it and I just was not up to blogging (I know, no excuse, but it seemed reasonable at the time), my weekly task for the week, the vacuuming again (I had good reason this time, sort of! Mama Soup was asleep when I went to go do it), and I forgot about the project for the day. (Especially since it was the first day that it was a non-negotiable. Hey, at least I got some small projects done on Sunday. Right?) I felt really bad about the last one since Mr. Soup got all his tasks done AND his project for the day. He scrubbed the stairs quite well, though they do still need to be done again.

Ugh, I need to do better than this. Why can’t I just get it through my head? Huh? For instance, there’s wet blankets in my bathtub right now waiting to be washed out as something got spilled on them a week (Maybe two…?) or so ago and they still haven’t been picked up and no ones finished washing them out either. I’m not strong enough to do them by myself because of how big and bulky they are, but I guess that’s not really any excuse…

Why the heck am I like this? Why can’t I just get it through my head just to do things right away? For instance, I just finished stashing a butter knife in my mini fridge that’s in our room after making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich just because I didn’t want to wash it and try to find another place for it right now…because I was in the middle of blogging! I mean, how lazy is that? And then I justified it by thinking that I could just grab it when I grabbed the jelly and that it would make making sandwiches easier.
Something needs to change. Somehow I need to change my way of thing because, frankly, this is getting ridiculous!



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