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So, What I Actually Did Today

So, I feel like we accomplished a lot today, after being inspired by Nony. We had a few errands to do today, as well as a ‘few’ things to day before we could leave, so I woke up at my usual sometime between 5 and 7 and tried to wake Mr. Soup up at 7:30 when his alarm first started going off.

As usual, it took a little while to get us moving. Mama soup called from downstairs and Mr. Soup went to go find out what she needed while I procrastinated getting up a little longer to read a few more blog posts and clear out some tabs.

For some reason, I just have this thing with tabs…meaning I usually have tons of them open and it’s a shock to everyone, but me when I don’t.Well, I finally got up and moving around 8:30 while that darling sweetheart of mine helped Mama Soup out, cleaned up an accident on the stairs, and took Ninja Soup out for a short walk.

Meanwhile, I finally got up and got dressed (Surprisingly enough, we actually have clean clothes for once), rinsed out my mom’s shower for her, puddled around doing a few other things she needed, and all the while watching as it got later and later.

Mr. Soup made her a sandwich to eat as well as a few peanut and butter jelly ones for us while I poured us some cereal. We gobbled it up as quickly as possible standing at the kitchen counter and finally scurried out the door…only a little over an house past when we had wanted to leave. Ugh…and this is from someone who has always believed that if you’re on time, you’re late. What a way to begin the day.

We had needed to make a trip out to my dad’s house today in order to pick up a small check, some mail, that is oddly enough still getting sent there, and to pick up a few things that have been languishing in his shed…oh for the past year or so, since I moved out.

Mind you, I’ve moved twice since I lived there last.

It was a fairly long, hot (as we have no AC and live in the high desert) drive to say the least and it gave my honey, Mr. Soup, and I a good long while to talk things over and work on schedules and lists. I know…I know…This is exactly how I usually start my cleaning, but I swear…this time is going to be different. Yes, I’ve made a schedule before, but I think the problem was that we tried to do too many things at once and it was too complicated. So, we’ve simplified it…and maybe even slob-proofed it…? *I hope*

Well, regardless…back to the story at hand. We got greeted by the dogs and cooled off long enough to sort through some mail and use the restroom, before actually getting to work on the shed.

It actually didn’t take us too long as our car isn’t very big. We just picked out one big box that is mostly books, and two medium boxes of books and loaded up the car. We rested a bit, while I read a few more blog posts, worked on our lists a little bit more, and procrastinated leaving the nice cool house in favor of the ucky heat.

Mr. Soup was the responsible one this time and got me back on track, though I did owe him a big apology for snapping at him for doing so. Thankfully, he forgave me. 🙂

So, we headed home and made really good time. Plans were changed as we were on our way home, as Mama Soup asked us to stop at the gas station for cigarettes, and then again not too long after we got home both by Mama Soup again, and by a friend who’s helping us get a radiator for our poor car, Lilah. (At the moment, we not only have no ac, but are also having to drive with the heater on…ugh, I hate the heat).

So, I’m sure that all of you, my dear readers (though I know there are none at the moment), must be very proud of us. Knowing that we had already set up a schedule while we were out and about, we still endeavored to complete our tasks, even though we were both going to be even more busy on top of having been out all day… And the best part you ask…? We succeeded! Yey, yey, yey!

He he hee. So how did our plans change even more you ask? Well, first let me tell you what we had planned on doing. We had both planned on going through the house and completing what we could, and then completing the rest of the schedule after dinner. Good plan, right? Well, you know what they say about all great plans…they never survive the first impact, or something like that.

It changed when Mr. Soup got a call from our friends wanting to pick him up in a short while in order to exchange out the radiator for the correct one and by Mama Soup asking me to make the pork chops. Oh goody.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cooking, but I love cooking my OWN recipes, my own meals, my own plans, etc. and actually having things to go with what I’m making (More than just rice…um, like veggies?), but I agreed and stuck the package of pork chops in the microwave for 5 minutes in order to defrost them…and promptly forgot them as I got to work on my list. I scurried through the house picking things up, wiping down counters and tables, and then spent 15 minutes picking up our room.

And before you ask, as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, our room is a disaster area and we’re lucky we can find the place where we set our blankets down as we don’t yet have a bed…Yes, we’ve lived here almost a year now, and still don’t have a bed. In our defense, it is on layaway, and almost paid off…finally.

While I was doing all this, Mr. Soup was also walking through the house picking things up, but also cleaned up a mess on the stairs, and took Stryker out for a walk. He joined me while I was doing a 15 minute pick up on our room and helped me the last few minutes of it until he had to leave.

And then I remembered about the pork chops…whoops. I went back down to find that they weren’t quite defrosted yet and stuck back in for another 5 minutes. I finished up the last few things on my list, other then the hallway upstairs, and put dinner on.

While dinner was cooking, I went back upstairs to print out my list. I’m up stairs for only a few moments (or at least I thought it was only a few moments, before I hear my name being called and am told my brother that he thinks something is burning. Oh oh.

I raced down the stairs to find that all of the fluid in one of my pans had boiled out and the flame had some how been turned on high instead of the med/low that I had it on when I went upstairs. Ninja Puppy was conveniently close by. It wouldn’t be the first time he’s got his paws on the stove.

I salvaged dinner, thankfully, finished it up, served Mama Soup, told my brother that it was ready, and then went upstairs to await Mr. Soup’s arrival and to read a few more blog posts. (Do you see a trend here…? Or is it just me?)

Mr. Soup came home, we ate dinner, he finished up his tasks for the night, including a 15 minute pick up of our room while I keep track of the time, and then I did my last task of the day, a 15 minute pick up of the hallway while he played time-keeper for me.

With just that little bit of time, our room already looks a lot better, and you can now get through the hallway to the bathroom…without having to climb Mt. Everest in order to do so. I’m so proud of myself. *Tongue in cheek.* Well, that’s all for now. I think this post is getting just a wee bit long after all. I’ll explain the schedule and other stuff we came up with in the next post, as well as posting links. I’d love to know what everyone thinks.

Btw, before I go here’s a picture of our room after we picked up a bit. Mr. Soup, as you can tell is already all tuckered out. Running errands and working on being more ‘normal’ in regards to cleaning is a lot of work. Whew.

Our wonderful disaster of a room and Mr. Soup. Taken on a camera phone. I would’ve used my camera as I swear I put batteries in it recently, but I’m afraid I’m not quite sure where I put it.

Everywhere else in the house was too dark to take photos of once Mr. Soup got home with the phone, so I’m afraid I don’t have any more at the moment. I also kind of forgot to take before photos, so I was out of luck there as well.

So long everyone,

Ms. Soup